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We like to describe ourselves as a Collective, an internationally present collective of professionals & creatives from around the globe, and this team of fine individuals is called International Nomads

20+ Global Collective Members

International Nomads is a Riyadh based Digital Advertising Agency with a full time team and members from around the globe; all under one roof, connected online and with one passion. We communicate, collaborate and create online and by mobile; anyone around the world, connected to the World Wide Web, can, at any time, meet and interact with our company and work. Digital Media Agency, Social Media Agency, what ever the name, its all under one roof!

Proud Offical & Badged Partners

Professional Collective Members


More than 40 brands with 7 of the 10 brands in KSA and a large variety of industries with a few specializations, all proudly in our arsenal of service and experiance

We Like To Collaborate

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We plan, produce and manage your brands complete digital presence. Full 360 suite of services to insure your brand has the right exposure and reach.


We like to listen, our clients call us in to do this, we take notes, ask some questions, and this is our method, Listening, Questioning and from this process creating Solutions for our clients. Sometime being on the inside makes it hard to see things clearly, and having someone to listen, bounce ideas off of is a good thing. Our clients know this, were regularly called in, huddled over some coffee, gather the info needed to deliver market relevant, result oriented Marketing and Strategic Planning services.

Some Of The Things We Can Help With:

  • Digital, Social, Marketing & Branding strategy 

  • Advertising and media strategy and planning

  • Web site usability and analysis

  • Strategic and corporate communications

  • Community relations strategy


Our Digital Media experts can and will get the results needed to activate and promote any brand looking to enforce its presence in the online and mobile realms. We set and agree on desired results that are truly important and relevant for the brand and its exposure in the digital realm. We plan, book, monitor and actively manage each an every campaign across channels to insure that our targets our achieved. This includes the Goolge Network, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, and large selection of other channels and options of promoting and positioning your brand.

Some Of The Things We Can Help With:

  • Strategic Campaign Planning

  • Placements& Keywords Selections

  • Running Mode Suggestions

  • Material Production

  • Monitoring

  • Tracking

  • Analysis


New Trends, Platforms & Best Practices Are Born Every Day.With this In Mind, It Soon Becomes A Heavy Task For Any Brand To Fully Utilize & Benefit From All That Is Available, In A Remarkable Way. With Our Teams Collaboration, We Will Work Towards A Clear & Effective Digital & Online Presence For Your Brand Catered To Suit Your Objectives, Reach & Needs.

Some Of The Things We Can Help With:

  • Corporate / Consumer Website

  • Social Channels Activation & Management

  • SEO & Site Performace

  • Search & Directory listing

  • Up to date & Accurate


Our creative process is simple and it begins with clear and logical communication objectives.
At this stage we have a clear communication plan, some nice ideas to visually and interactively communicate, so now comes producing them. Our long and tedious efforts can go to waste if not produced right, we like to say “either do it right or don’t do it at all” and sometime doing it right means more time which translates to more money. Our team is skilled, each member has a specialty, something they are crazy about, which for you, The Customer is a great thing. You get high-quality, visually attractive work!

Some Of The Things We Can Help With:

  • Web site/micro-site design and development

  • Mass email tools and email campaign creation

  • Flash and rich media development

  • Interactive applications

  • Online games and advergames

  • Search engine marketing and optimization

  • Short code voting

  • Mobile game design and development

  • Viral & YouTube Video concepts, planning and production

  • Corporate videos

By Now Its Obvious How Rapid The Digital World Evolves! We live it day in and day out, we know what’s out there, what’s new, what works best and for who.Not just getting everyone involved in the same things!Why? Because we know every brand, product, service or person is unique.Each having their own requirements, each with their own story.Our Job is to understand this and turn it to the best story there is.

  • Understand Your World

  • Together Discover & Set Desirable Outcomes

  • Provide a Clear Strategy with Plans & Tasks

  • Supliment with Creative & Production Services

Its a Social World and One We Can Easily Get Lost In We see many local brands taking part in the social game. Some think it may be enough to add a facebook and twitter link and that does the job.We beg to differ. It’s a big social world out there. Filled with a wide spectrum of people with interests and needs that may or may not be noticed with your basic efforts. The International Nomads Team will start as usual by understanding your world and together defining some desired results and key messages or experiences we want our audience to be left with.From there the fun begins, utilizing many platforms in their proper ways and orchestrating different medias in our arsenal to engage like never before. In the end keeping true to our Slogan,A Story In Everything We Do

  • Discovery Stage: Your World

  • Define & Set Social StrategyComplement with the right media and apps

  • Facebook, twitter, linkedin, and more!

  • We build custom apps and games for your brand!

Games are a great way to add something fun and rewarding to most brands. We've worked on a variety of game types like puzzles, time management, shooter, logic, sports. All with their own custom game engines deployed online for everyone to enjoy. Of course, things like visitor tracking and so on are built in to insure we know our returns. Above all and when needed social media integration and promotion of what ever we build to insure the highest amount of engagement. In General:

  • Custom development of a wide range of Interactive Game genres, built utilizing the latest in Flash technologies

  • Fun online games to engage your audiance. Can be quick and fun, or more detailed and engaging.

  • We handle it all from Conceptualization through Deployment

  • See Project Examples @ http://showcase.in-hq.com/

  • Built Using Our Custom Built Game Engines

  • Handle Arabic & English

  • Greate way to activate/promote a brandCan be used on Touch Based devices

Its no longer building just a website!Its the whole online presence of brand or product/service and this must be engineered effectively to reflect the desired end results.We start with understanding the environment around your brand or product, what factors are involved and move to placing some key performance measures.We handle it from Strategy, to Creative and on to Production.Check out our showcase for many examples.Feel free to call on us for a custom presentation.

  • Discover Stage

  • Define & Set Strategy

  • Create eye catching and just right visuals

  • Deploy on all platformsThis can include, website, microsite, social presence, search engine submissions and more